To my GhostSinger's Fan Club!
I just Opened web shop and welcome any seeker from around the glob in our unparelled universe.
  A Message From Astar Elisa GhostSinger!
Welcome and I invite you to try out my products, from whatever occult or goth stuff your into you probably find something that suits your interest.
  I have personalized jewlery, USB music storage for my songs you might enjoy, CD's, Personalized laptop's with my logo or my logo personalized with your name on it as one of my Ghostingers with bunch of my personalized software and bonus material, pictures, covers, shirts, and more.
  To All My Fans: "Your All My GhostSingers!"
         -------Astar Elisa GhostSinger!

I believe that your twisted satisfaction should be guaranteed. We welcome your dark desires!.........

PS. Looking for agent and record deal if interested!

Astar Elisa GhostSinger
Mistress Asterte Devi
Known As.....
Elisa M. B.
In Her new Albume: "Mistress Asterte Devi", With
"My Dark Prince" off to the "Dance of the Eclipse" and into a "Inncubus Nightmare"!
Pre-order a CD now!

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                        SWEET DREAMS!
"Expanding Horizons to our Unparelled Universe making peace & friends to all the Ghosts and The Aliens of the worlds beyond! To Praise the inner ghosts in my mind, my devi's! To celebrate the supernatural in honor of the occult!"
This is to all the weird humans out their! Amen!  ------Elisa!